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Stefan Stengel…

StartUP Coach, Social Media Manager, and Life Coach

For more than 25 years, Stefan has been dealing with mobile technologies and mobile work. As a networker and eWorker he has been at home both in the virtual and in the analog worlds for many years. The new digital forms of knowledge work increasingly characterize our everyday work. For more than 10 years Stefan has been known as a speaker on digital issues and social media throughout Germany. For years he has been supporting start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses via the Web2.0 Bootcamp project (http://www.web2Bootcamp.de) via the Businesscamps project (http://www.businesscamps.de) in developing innovations as well as start-up ideas. Customer communication, communication in crowdfunding projects and Web 2.0 strategies are the focus of his consulting assignments with strong emphasis on the HR environment. As a partner in the HR Taskforce initiative (http://www.HR-TaskForce.de) he is in charge of the social media channels and workshops. In 2014, his company Glocal Consult launched the accelerator program „SpeedUp! Europe“, in order to bring into business around 100 start-up companies.



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